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The CLHF have produced a booklet  “A-Z of Speakers” since 2002 and is now in the 9th printed edition.

Since 2002 the increased usage of the internet and the ease with which it is now possible to update websites the CLHF will now maintain the list only on the website with no further specific printed editions being produced. (Printed copies of the database can be supplied if necessary at a charge).

The speakers on the list are mostly there by their own request and their inclusion is in no way a recommendation by the Federation as to the quality of the speaker or of the contents of the talks.

If you would like including on the list, or know, or heard a speaker who you feel should be on the list please contact us.

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The Federation produces a GUIDE TO GOOD PRACTICE WHEN BOOKING A SPEAKER. The use of this guide can help organise a successful meeting. The guide is available on the link below.





Tel (mob): 07815 777256
Fee: £150 (expenses may also be applied)

** Saving the Settle & Carlisle Line: how the battle was won – Based on the speaker's experiences as a journalist reporting on the campaign for local and national newpapers etc., but beginning with the question: “What if the 2015 flood damage to the line had happened in the 1980s?”

ALISON, Mr David

Tel & Fax: 01539 824666
1 Railway Terrace, Lowgill, Kendal, LA8 0BN
Fee: From £50 - £90 including travel expenses

* The Splendour of the Settle-Carlisle Railway
* Steam in the North of England
* Isle of Man Transport [Duddon]
* Cruising our Canals
* Great Little Trains of Wales
* Rails through the Rockies
* South African Steam Safari
* Steam trains from Calais to China

ALLAN, Dr. Sue

Tel (mob): 07941 255281 (land): 016973 44363
Green Garth, Old Brackenlands, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 9LB
Fee: £60-£150 depending on type/length of presentation, distance (and whether expenses included etc. Expenses always charged for southern half of county and west Cumbria, south of Workington)

* Echoes of Old Cumbria: traditional folk music, dance and song of the county
* D’Ye Ken John Peel: the man and the journey of the song over almost 200 years
* Song hunters and fox hunters: folk song of Cumbria
* Miss Wakefield’s Kendal Folk Song Competition 1902-1906
* Penurious poets and Ballad-Mongers: nineteenth-century ballad singers & sellers in Cumberland & Westmorland
* Merrie England, May Day and more: morris dances in Cumbria in the early twentieth century
* Robert Anderson (1770-1833): the Cumberland Bard


Website:   To Book, contact: Judith Shingler 015394 34640 07855 909238
Fee: £40 (travel expenses may also be applied outside the local area)

* 'Those were the Days': School Life in the 50's & 60's. School milk, the 11+ and Spotted Dick.
* The Big House: life Upstairs & Downstairs in various Lake District Houses in the early 20th Century.
* The Great War: Ambleside's Story
* A Short Story: The Short Brothers Factory and the building of Sunderland Flying Boats at Windermere in WW2.
* Those Were The Days: Earning a Crust. Local employment and working conditions in the years before & after WW2
* Emergency: Life before 999. How emergencies were dealt with in the early 20th Century.


Tel: 01229 407377
Cumbria Archive & Local Studies Centre, Barrow Ramsden Square, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 1LL
Fee: Outside Talks £60 Group Visits £30
Speaker: Susan Benson – Archivist

* Cumbria Archive Service
* Sources for the local area and * industries
* Diaries of William Fleming of Pennington 1770-1829
* Diaries of Edward Wadham of Millwood, agent to the Duke of Buccleuch 1851-1912 March 2019 Duddon Valley
* Voices from the Archives - poems, diaries, letters
* Art in the Archives - George Romney, Abel Masson, Ben Lones, Cartoons, caricatures and more
* Unusual Documents in the Archives

BENSON, Susan:


BOULTON, Mrs Anthea

Tel: 015396 25321
Hobsons Farm, Cowgill, Sedbergh, Cumbria LA10 5RF
Fee: I charge travel expenses and would welcome a modest donation to the Dent and Sedbergh Oral History Society
I prefer to avoid mid winter travel, also July and August.
Equipment needs: projector and screen for power point presentation; sound system to play from memory stick

*Telling it like it was: A Treasure Trove of Memories (from an oral history archive of 100 recordings in the Cumbrian dales) [Sedbergh]
* other talks in preparation; please enquire


Tel: 01228 560740
South View, Warwick on Eden, Carlisle CA4 8PA
Fee: Donation to Cumbria County History Trust

* In Search of Appleby Street: A lost Roman road between Appleby & Brampton
* The Riders of Renwick: Life on a hostile Frontier 1500-1600.
* The Sun is High & Oxford Far Away: The changing relationship between the Oxford college & their Renwick tenantry 1600 – 1660 [Lorton]
* A Purvey for the Poor: Renwick 1720–1780
* Age of Reform - Renwick 1780-1840
* Return of the Dacres: Francis Lennard's claim to Kirkoswald 1634/1652
* The Dacre Inheritance 1569-1601
* Age of Empire, Renwick 1840-1900
** The Remarkable History of Parkhead Chapel - the Kirkoswald Independent movement from 1653

BROOKS, Mr Graham

Tel: 07876 417695
Fairhurst, Aglionby, Carlisle, CA4 8AQ
Fee: £40 Plus travel expenses

* Brick making with special reference to the history in the Carlisle area
* Lime Kilns their structure and function and use of lime (using examples from the area in which talk is given, where possible)
* Industrial Archaeology and history of the North East Cumbrian Coal Field – Lumps and bumps in the Pennines and Caldbeck area
* Lord Carlisle's Railway and its associated industries - The reasons for the development of a private railway, coal mining March 2019 Carlisle Local History
* Industrial Archaeology: a general introduction to the development of the subject in the UK and Cumbria (Usually illustrated with a look at a variety of subjects eg. Bridges, iron industry development, mining techniques and development in Cumbria and the different minerals mined)Feb 2019 Lamplugh.
* What Gypsum was used for in the Eden valley March 2019 Appleby Society. 
* Modern farm buildings development, and what's in that shed (A look at the development of the modern farm building and how it developed from the traditional farm building)
* Tindale Zinc Spelter: its history and the processes involved
* Use of Water Power Wheels, Turbines, Ballast, Hydraulic Engines etc in Mining (with specific examples in Cumbria)

*lead smelting technology with reference to the smelt mills of Cumbria

BULL, Mr Peter

Fee: £250 including travel from Leeds

* Historical Musician, 13th to early 20th Century. Informal presentation and history of instruments: Lute, Hurdy-Gurdy, Dulcimer, Recorder, Flute, Cittern, Voice, and Bagpipes





CONNELL, Mr Andrew

Tel (mob): 07817754612 or (land): 01768351847
11 Mill Hill, Appleby, CA16 6UR
Fee: None, but I do ask transport to and from the venue as I don’t drive.

* Appleby Fair: myth and reality [Shap] [Bampton] [Kendal]
* Appleby-in-Westmorland: ’please don’t ever change’ - (this could take the form of a guided walk)
* John Robinson (1727-1802): the Appleby boy who ran the country
* Richard Atkinson (1739-1785): from Temple Sowerby to the World - wealth, influence and disappointment
* The Lowthers in Politics, 1750-1930
* No rails through Ambleside, 1840-1925: keeping the wrong people out of the Lake District
* A school at war: Appleby Grammar School boys in World War II
* Charlotte Smith, John Robinson and William Wordsworth: revenge, revolution, romanticism

COVE, Mr Stephe

Tel 01229 773965
10 Kingsland Road, Millom, Cumbria LA18 5BP.
Fee: mileage from Millom at 20p per mile plus a donation to Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team

* Mountain Rescue in SW Cumbria – history of the Millom and Duddon and Furness mountain Rescue Teams
* A Short History of Walking the Fells – from the Langdale Axe factory to the present day
* Take a closer look at Stone Walls – building dry stone walls and the Broughton enclosure act
* A Walk Around Historic Whitehaven
* Hodbarrow Mines at Millom
* Millom – the growth of a Victorian New Town
* High Living – Excavating Medieval Longhouses in the Duddon Valley
* Have you ever noticed?– the history beneath your feet

CRAGHILL, Mrs Christine

Tel (mob): 07449 147217 or (land): 01931 712939
4 Coopers Close, Askham, Penrith, CA10 2PN
Fee: £45 (small mileage charge for a distance over 30 miles from Askham)
All talks are given as digital presentations with a wide variety of images to illustrate the topics.

* A Seventeenth Century Time Capsule – An appraisal of a pictorial ‘bird’s eye view’ estate map of Uldale drawn in 1699, giving its historical context using comparative evidence from aerial photographs along with primary source documents such as manor court papers, probate records and later maps.
* Around the Farmhouse Fireplace – The development of the Cumbrian farmhouse fireplace and the pivotal role this indispensable feature played in the daily lives of Cumbrian farming communities.
* A Guide to Researching the History of Your House – A talk that looks at the two sides of house history research, the documentary and the structural. Chris shows where to find and how to begin to interpret, the wealth of available written and documentary material and illustrates the notable features of Cumbrian vernacular dwellings.
* Cumbrian Farmhouse Odyssey – A journey through time assessing how the Cumbrian farmhouse has developed since medieval times, travelling through the ‘so called’ Great Re-building, to ‘polite’ architecture and the emergence of enlightened Victorian Model Farms.
* From Peasant to Estatesman – A look at the rise of the Cumbrian yeoman farmer after the dissolution of the monasteries, up to the eve of the Industrial Revolution.
* The Strange Decline of the Cumbrian Statesman – The state of agriculture in Cumbria began to suffer from the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution as is evident in the fast decline of the Cumbrian statesman farmer, otherwise known by the title of ‘yeoman’. This talk takes a look at the reasons behind the loss of this rural stalwart.
* Footprints in the Fells – Tracing the footprints and investigating the history of former farms that were once part of fell side communities in Cumberland, which today have little but their imprint left in the landscape.
* From Cumberland to North Carolina – The successes and setbacks of 18th century Cumbrian teacher Thomas Thomlinson, who became both a schoolmaster and a businessman in North Carolina.
* From Cumberland to Pennsylvania – The Fell family of Longlands near Bassenthwaite suffered for following the teachings of George Fox, and the youngest son took his family to Pennsylvania in 1703, establishing a flourishing dynasty.
* From Lake Como to Britain – The strange migration of 18th- and 19th-century Italian barometer makers to Britain, including some in Cumbria and the North West- among them an ancestor of the speaker.
* Workshops and Study Days – Chris is happy to ‘tailor make’ a workshop or study day of choice for a group on any of her title subjects. For more details please contact direct.


Tel: 01228 227285
Lady Gillford's House, Petteril Bank Road, Carlisle, CA1 3AJ
Fee: Outside Talks £60. Group Visits £30 Standard talks and guided visits, introducing the range of materials and services available.


Tel: 01228 532774
Cumbria's Museum of Military Life Alma Block, The Castle, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8URR
Enquire about current availability of talks and guided group visits.

Recent talks given by curator Stuart Eastwood have included:
** What did you eat in the trenches Grandad? Feeding & Supplying the British Army in the First World War [Lazonby]
** The 1st Battalion the Border Regiment at the Battle of Arnhem 1944
** The Border Regiment and the Battle of the Somme [Holme]


Tel: 01539 726134
16 Green Road, Kendal, LA9 4QR
Fee: £38 + a contribution to travel expenses

* Cumbrian icehouses and the international trade in ice [Cartmel Fell]
* Remembering Slavery: Cumbria's connections to the transatlantic slave trade
* The Yellow Earl's (Fifth Earl of Lonsdale) big adventure: the Arctic journey of 1888-89 [Cartmel Pen.]
* Cumbria and the Arctic during the nineteenth century
* An Oriental Mirage - eastern influences on Cumbria
* Whaling from Whitehaven
* Eritrea: one of Africa's newest countries
* Scenery, nature, archaeology and people on the fringe of the world's largest national park in northern Greenland
* 'Waiter, Miner, Butcher, Spy': Germans and Austrians in Cumbria during the First World War [Lorton] [Sedbergh] [Bampton] [etc.]

DICKINSON, Mr Steve (Chairman, Ambleside Civic Trust)

Tel (mob): 07342 965238
12 Stockghyll Court, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 0QX
Fee: Travel expenses and donation to Ambleside Civic Trust (Reg. Charity No. 503092)
NB: Not available 24.08.18 - 10.09.18

* The Viking period longhouse at Bryant’s Gill, Kentmere, Cumbria and the origins and nature of longhouses in Cumbria - Based on the results of two excavations to be published in 2018, the origins and development of Cumbrian ‘longhouses’ are explored from the early medieval period onwards.
* The stones that speak: New Neolithic discoveries from the heart of the Cumbrian fells - The fascinating results from surveys in Upper Eskdale, that have revealed new archaeological information about a period when people sought special stone to make axe blades over 5000 years ago.

DOWNING, Mrs Rosalinde

Tel: 017687-76471
Langside, Bassenthwaite, CA12 4QH
Fee: Donation to Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakeland in lieu of fees and expenses.
NB: Not practical to travel to the South of the county

** St. Bega's Way: Brainwave to Airwaves - Includes brief version of St Bega's life story, but mainly about the challenges of producing a guide to a walk from St Bees to Bassenthwaite.
** Victorian High Farming and Model Farms - Mostly based on Berkshire research, but with a brief mention of some Cumbrian examples.




Tel: 01229 583565
36 Woodland Road, Ulverston, LA12 0DX
Fee: negotiable, moderate and used for Environmental Education work

* A Closer look at Ulverston - Architectural clues to it’s fascinating past
* The Thirlmere Way - A photographic record of the long distance walk, tracing the secretive route of the water supply from its destination in Manchester to its source in Thirlmere
* A Cumbrian Colony in the South Pacific - A visual study of the gruesome history behind the peaceful face of Norfolk Island.
* Ulverstone, Tasmania – Explore this community on the River Leven and the surrounding countryside on the other side of the world, including its past, present and future.
* Across Asia on the Trans-Siberian Railway - Probably the ultimate long distance train journey which was surprisingly easy, interesting, enjoyable and not too expensive. Including a detailed look at Irkutsk the “Vienna of Siberia”. Undertaken in 2011.
* Japan on a Ten Day Rail Pass – another surprisingly easy way to discover the fascinating similarities and differences in a country where we felt unexpectedly “at home”.
* Iceland – Our most memorable ever package holiday including a week’s camping, hot springs, active volcanoes and so much dramatic scenery packed into one of the world’s youngest landscapes…… only 2hrs north of Glasgow!
* A Year in New Zealand – Not so much of a travel tour but an in-depth pictorial record looking at living and working in Northland in an area colonised by Scottish immigrants after 30 years suffering a hard life in Nova Scotia, Canada.
* Easter Island - Its tragic history and the stories behind its strange statues that cover the island……and it’s even got a link with Cumbria!
* House Exchange Holidays in Scandinavia – A scenic record built up over several years of the most inexpensive way of living in a part of the world with better summers that ours, where nearly everyone speaks English, and with so much to discover.
* The Ribble Way: A Saunter through the Seasons – walking from the River Ribble estuary to its source spread in the Pennines through the seasons of 2013. An opportunity to pass through interesting towns, villages and on ancient routeways.
* Birkrigg Common, Ulverston - Peter Wild's photographic study of this local, Low Furness natural gem.
* From Mills to Mosques - A journey along the 200 year old Liverpool to Leeds Canal, full of fascinating details.


Tel: 07798 688057
Email: (Lives at Ravenstonedale, CA17 4NG)
Fee: £40 to Ravenstonedale Parish History Group, + travel 30p per mile

* Ravenstonedale Retailers – From Fells to Fine Furniture (Three young Ravenstonedale men who established a famous furniture business in London) [Orton/Tebay]
* The Carver Family and their Connections to Cotton, The Chantry, High Chapel and Other Local Properties (From a humble Ravenstonedale home to one of Manchester’s successful cotton empires)
* Ravenstonedale Soldiers – Those who Died and Those Who Survived (The stories of each soldier, their war service and family history)
* The Ravenstonedale ‘Crash’ of 1913 (A wealthy son, a wealthy spinster and how it all fell apart)
* The Scarborough Inheritance – Where There’s a Will There’s a History (A historical journey inspired by a Will and lost inheritance)
* Economic Migration in the 1800’s - A story of Westmorland families who started a new life in Manchester, the World’s first industrial city
* Pubs and Inns of Westmorland - Historical tales of long-forgotten and existing public houses

FLETCHER, Mrs Sheila

Tel: 01768 898 804

Chapel House, Lazonby, CA10 1BG
Fee: £35, + travel expenses if over 20 miles

** John Peel, from Caldbeck to Caldew - the song and its composer, John Woodcock Graves, who emigrated from Cumbria to Van Diemen's Land


Tel: 016973 20028
Halewood, Crookdake, Aspatria, Wigton, CA7 3SH
Fee: £35 (Plus petrol expenses if more than 25 miles round trip)

Digital Audio-visual travelogue shows:
* Inca Tapestry (Peru)
* Mexican Salsa (Mexico)
* Ecuador & The Galapagos
* Crossroads I (West Anatolia)
* Pandaw up the Mekong (Vietnam-Cambodia)
* Hidden Kingdoms (Bangladesh-Sikkim)
* Of Samurais & Geishas (Japan)
* Tales of Sheba & Solomon (Ethiopia)
* Glimpses of Myanmar (Burma)
* Bolivia the High Country (Bolivia)
* Silk Road to Samarkand (Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan)
** Sojourn in Brazil
** 2 out of 18677 Islands - Indonesia

GRAHAM, Mr Harvey

Tel: 01904 766870
33 Linden Close, Bishops Manor, Huntington, York, YO32 9RQ
No Fee or travel expenses, but may require overnight accommodation. The speaker travels to venues by public transport. May require a slide projector.

* The City of York (includes Lord Mayor of York’s House, Mansion House and York Minster Library)
* York Minster

GRUNDY, Ms Thirlie BA(Hons.) FA, FRSA, Medieval-art historian

Tel: 01228 532738
The Studio, 11 Lodore Drive, Carlisle, CA2 7SG
Fee: £50
Mornings and afternoons only. Talks illustrated with 35mm colour slides: projector and screen required.
Cost-price cathedral guide-books available at end of lecture.

* The Men who built Carlisle Cathedral, 1122-1400 - How the builders described their nationalities, themselves, and their families, using pictures rather than words to transcend the barriers of language [Sedbergh] [SW Cumbria]
* The man who carved Carlisle Cathedral's misericords, 1401 – 1419 - How, using traditional symbols, and symbols from books written in French, the carver recorded his name, and what happened to him during his term of employment.
* The Green Man in Cumbrian churches, 1100-1400 - Where he can be found, and his medieval purpose.


Tel: 01946 728908
24 Santon Way, Seascale, Cumbria, CA20 1NH
Fee: Up to 20 miles: £40; 21 – 70 miles: £60; 71+ miles: £100
(Tea and biscuits would be much appreciated)
I tend to do historical talks in historical costume, but can refrain if requested.

* Life and warfare in the Viking Age (a general talk abut Vikings, including aspects of local history. I can also include more specific topics, such as longship technology and navigation, and how the physical characteristics of weapons influence their use)
* Iron Gall Ink and use in old Manuscripts (a talk about the ink used in medieval manuscripts and how it was made. This can include writing with said ink using feather quills and reed pens) March  2019 Millom and District.
* A Short History of Alchemy- a general talk about the history of alchemy and how it relates to modern chemistry
* Ultra-marine Blue and Vermilion: Sacred Pigments (the spiritual and alchemical aspects of two special medieval pigments)
* Kitchen Science – fun science demonstrations you can do at home with the children (not history, but great fun)


Tel: 016974 72466
Barn Cottage, Road Ends, Armathwaite, Carlisle, CA4 9SL
Fee: Travel expenses depending on distance (maximum £30)

* The History of Shap Abbey (tour also available)
* Walls in the Landscape
* Medieval Deer Parks of Cumbria
* The Cumbrian Monasteries [Upper Eden]
* Medieval Forgers? The Nuns of Armathwaite Nunnery
* Monks, Shepherds and Wool


Tel: 0161 7231433
Meadowbank, Ringley Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1FW
Fee: £75 plus fuel costs. Reduced fee for smaller groups – make me an offer!

Lake District
* Roman Roads through the Lakes
* Turnpikes & Tourists in Eighteenth-Century Lakeland
* Roads and Tracks of the Northern Lake District
* Roads and Tracks of the Southern Lake District
* Lake District: National Park or National Car Park?
* Roads around the Sands of Morecambe Bay
* Off the Beaten Track in Cumbria

Historic Maps
* Maps for Local History
* County Maps - from Saxton to Greenwood
* Estate, Enclosure and Tithe Maps
* Town Plans
* Ordnance Survey Maps
* Early County Mapping in the North West and Yorkshire
* Yates and the county mapping of Lancashire

* Roads and Travel in Medieval England
* Turnpike Roads in England
* Turnpikes and County maps in the North West
* Off the Beaten Track – Unusual Roads in Britain
* Transport in Maps

* Cave Formation in North West England

* The Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal - history and restoration [No fee: £50 donation to Canal Society]
** The Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal Through Time
** Building the Meccano Bridge - (over the M .B. & B. Canal at Little Lever)
* The Canal du Midi

Mountains of the World
* Alpamayo: the most beautiful mountain in the world
* To the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods, K2 Base Camp
* A Walk on the Wild Side – along the Afghan border
* Trekking around Annapurna and Manaslu
* Trekking Problems in Little Tibet
* The Atlas Grand Traverse
* Trekking Tropical Islands: Mauritius and Reunion
* Trekking the Canary Islands
* Return to Kangchenjunga

* Crusader Castles and Desert Cities
* Moroccan Miscellany: Cities, Souks, Mountains and Desert
* Way Out West – The American West
* Delhi to Kathmandu
* Indian Mexico
* Moorish Spain
* Costa Rica - Pura Vida
* Exotic Java and Bali
* Bolivia - from salt flats to silver mines

HOWORTH, Mr Billy F K (Qualified archaeologist and lecturer)

Tel (mob): 07930889135 or (land): 01524 561712
Acropolis Education, 6 Greenholme Avenue, Westgate, Morecambe, LA4 4TR
A complete list of my services and prices is available on my website


Tel: 01539 713540
Cumbria Archive Centre, County Offices, Kendal, LA9 4RQ
Fee: Outside Talks £60 Group Visits £30 Commercial groups £100
Speaker: Ms Margaret Owen

* General Archive Service introduction
* Archives relating to local towns
* Kendal's own Dad's Army



McKAY, Mr Barry.

Tel: 01763 52706/email:
Battlebarrow, Kingstone House, Appleby-in-Westmorland, CA16 6XT
Requirements: Computer/Powerpoint projector , + screen.
Fee: by Arrangement, but normally in the £40 bracket (possibly + travelling costs)
See list: Barry McKay Lectures Listing CLHF 2019


Tel: 01900 826423/ email:
47, Dunmail Crescent, Cockermouth, CA13 0AG
Fee:  £30, includes travel expenses.

A talk on postal history, skewed to the part of Cumbria where the talk is taking place.

MATHER, Mr John.

Tel: 07514-007235
1 The Paddocks, Thursby, Carlisle CA5 6PB
Fee: £20 to £30 per talk depending on numbers and possibly travel expenses depending on the location in the County.

* Sir Thomas Bouch, Victorian Railway Engineer: Sir Thomas Bouch was born in Thursby, near Carlisle, and became one of the most celebrated bridge builders and railway engineers in Victorian Britain. He was also blamed for the collapse of the Tay railway bridge in 1879. John tells something of Bouch's fascinating life and times as well as re-evaluate his tarnished reputation.
* Carlisle to Gallipoli (The Border Regiment in the Gallipoli Campaign, 1915): John commemorates and unravels the complexities of this terrible campaign. As well as featuring the lives of several local servicemen from Cumbria to highlight their hardships, endeavours and fates, he describes a recent trip undertaken to the battle site.
* Challenging Waters: The Diary of a Lake District Swimmer (Book to be published with this title March 2018): John describes how, at the age of 60, he attempted to swim the length of the 17 “big lakes” in the Lake District. This includes lakes as small as Brothers Water and as big as Windermere. The latter is over ten miles in length. The challenge has made John aware of just how beautiful and fragile the Lake District is.


Tel: 015394 42281 or 015394 47243
Rayrigg Hall, Windermere. LA23 1BW
Fee: A donation of £30, plus travel expenses.

* From Log Boats to Steam Launches in the Lake District
* Windermere’s Lake Shore Houses
* Jack Kitchen - The Windermere Inventor


Tel: 01900 823254
Eldertree House, Blindcrake, Cumbria CA13 0QP
Fee: £25, plus 20p per mile travel expenses

* One Hundred Years of Toys (with slides)
* Behind the Bamboo Curtain (with slides)

MULLETT, Prof. Michael A.A.

24 Pennine Way, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8EE
Fee: £37 plus rail/bus fare

* The New History of Penrith
* Penrith and the Jacobites
* Plague in Tudor Penrith
* Lady Anne Clifford and Appleby
* Cockermouth in Restoration England
* Martin Luther and the European Reformation

MYERS, Mr Bill

Tel: 01229 773525
20 Lord Street, Millom, LA18 4BL
Fee: £30 (no travel expenses).
All equipment provided

* A Horrible History of Cumbrian Railways - Crashes, deaths and criminal activity  Jan 2019 Duddon ValleyLHS.
* Cumbria's Explosive Coast - A story of TNT production at Drigg and Sellafield; military testing at Eskmeals and munitions production at     Barrow and Bootle
* A History of life on Walney Island
* The Industries of Barrow in Furness
* The story of Cumbria’s Co-operative Societies (Talk given in costume with tabletop exhibition of prepayment and dividend coins)
* A pictorial tour of Whitehaven in the Swinging Sixties, based on the pictures of the Barrow Evening Mail
* A history of Shops & Shopping (available for Barrow, Millom, Ulverston and Whitehaven) (Talk given in costume with tabletop exhibition)
* Pictorial History of Cumbrian Postcards (content changes to match talk venue)
* Cumbria in the First World War (Talk given in uniform with tabletop exhibition) [Levens]
* Coins & Medals of the First World War (With tabletop Exhibition, items can be identified or valued)
* Cumbrian Coins, Tokens & Commemorative Medals (with tabletop exhibition, items identified or valued)
* Barrow in Furness Blitz: life on the Home Front 1939-1945
* Pubs & Breweries in South Cumbria
* Millom Ironworks, the great survivor [Duddon]
* Hodbarrow, a century of mining at Millom
* West Cumberland Iron Mines
* Millom Newtown: a Victorian boom town
* The story of Holborn Hill village, Millom
* A history of Haverigg Tannery

O'BRIEN, Dick.

Tel: 01768 254057
Fee: No fee but travel expenses

* the Pilgrimage of Grace in Cumberland and Westmorland 1536-7.

The Pilgrimage of Grace was the largest rebellion against Henry V111 and his religious changes but also had agrarian and other causes. The very large involvement of the people of Cumberland and Westmorland lead to widespread armed resistance, including a battle outside Carlisle Castle,  but much of this episode in our history has been neglected.

OWEN, Margaret :


PEGG, Mr Geoff

Tel: 01524 781184
4 Queen's Terrace, North Road, Holme, Carnforth, LA6 1QB
Fee: £40 within Cumbria

* History of Holme- general talk on the development of Holme since the beginning of the 19th century
* Holme Mills- history of the local flax / coconut matting mill


Tel: 015396 21574
Lockwood Cottage, Killington, Carnforth, LA6 2HA
Fee: Donation, plus travel expenses

* Dialect and Accent in Britain
* Looking at Language
* The dialect in Wuthering Heights
* National Parks in Britain
* The Yorkshire Dales

PRESTON, Mr Richard

Tel: 016974 75923
Fee: contact speaker

** How Cumbria contributed to the medical needs of World War One.
** No Labour, No Food, No War: Agriculture in Cumbria during WW1  Jan 2019 shap LHS


Tel: 01768 840640
23 Keld Close, Stainton, Penrith, CA11 0EJ
Fee: Donation to Acorn Bank Mill (£40+) & contribution to expenses if over 15 miles from Penrith

* Flour Power - the challenges of restoring the formerly derelict Acorn Bank watermill, Temple Sowerby

ROBERTSON, Mr Alastair

Tel: 01434 381769
Ashleigh House, Nenthead Road, Alston, CA9 3SN
Fee: £1 per person, minimum £20

* The Roachburn Pit Disaster of 1908
* Whitley Castle Roman Fort near Alston [Shap]
* Lime Kilns of the North Pennines
* Alston Moor
* The Attwood Family: Iron mines of Whitehaven, MP, & Glass manufacturing
* Pagans! Ranters! Dissenters, Quakers! Congos! Mormons! and More! - Religion on Alston Moor
* The Walton Family: A Lead Mining Dynasty of the Northern Pennines
* The Viponds (or de Veteriponts): a great family both sides of the Border

ROBSON, Mrs Charmian

Tel & Fax: 01946 822468
Fern Bank, High House Road, St Bees, CA27 0BZ
Fee: £35 - £65 depending on size of audience, plus some expenses

* Where did your garden grow? – The origins & history of flowers as seen in flower painting
* How did your garden grow – The history & development of gardens as seen in contemporary art
* A garden is a lovesome thing.... – A history of gardens linked with the history of flowers
* Painters of Modern Life – How the new Paris and Parisian society of the later nineteenth century was reflected in the art of the Impressionists and others
* The trivial round, the common task – Using works of art from the 13c – 16c as historical documents. A talk, or talks, on such aspects of mediaeval everyday life as work, leisure, the life of women, agriculture, courtship, medicine and spiritual life
* Picturing salvation – The Christmas story in paint & stone
* Picturing salvation – The Easter story in paint & stone
* The Raft of the Medusa….the scandal and the masterpiece - The story of the sinking of the Medusa (a nautical shambles)
* Art, Science & Discovery in the Eighteenth Century
* The Art of Exploration – a look at art associated with the discovery of the rest of the world by Europeans between 15th C and 19th C
* Ploughs, Clocks and Spectacles – Inventions of the middle ages as seen through the eyes of artists of the period
* Art and the Killer Diseases (and how they were tamed)

ROBSON, Mr Chris

Tel: 01946 822468
Fern Bank, High House Road, St Bees, CA27 0BZ
Fee: £50 plus travel expenses

* St Bees Man: The extraordinary story of a mediaeval knight discovered by accident by archaeologists digging in a car park close to St Bees Priory in 1981 (A man so well–preserved that liquid blood was still inside him and at the post-mortem it was possible to guess at what he had eaten for breakfast, but at that time there was no clue as to his name. Now many years later it is possible to tell the detective story that links St Bees Man to an obscure place in Lithuania, gives him an interesting history and explains his death there in 1368) [Duddon]

*Early modern Penrith

*Early modern Appleby

ROEBUCK, Prof. Peter

Tel: 016974 73741
Old Town House, High Hesket, Cumbria, CA4 0JE
Fee: £30 to £50 depending on distance (by cheque, payable to C.L.H.F.)

* The Parkers of north-east Cumbria - yeoman farmers, cotton manufacturers & traders, and landowners, 1600-1850
* Cattle droving through Cumbria, 1600-1900 [Shap] [Bampton] [Kendal] [Warwick Bridge]Feb 2019 Sedbergh
* The cattle plague in Cumbria, 1745-1757
* The advent of steam shipping in the Irish Sea in the early 19th century


Tel: 01931 716386
Gale View, Main Street, Shap, Nr Penrith, CA10 3NH
Fee: £30, plus travel expenses over 15 miles from Shap. Willing to negotiate a price for smaller groups
NB: I no longer offer daytime talks, and operate March, April, May, June and September. I plan to retire from public speaking in 2018.

* Shap Granite and its related Industry - the story of working the famous granite that was shipped world wide. [Bampton]
* Lakeland Dialect and its origins - (and how dialect differs from accent !) [Orton/Tebay]
* Cumbrian Place Names - the meanings of the names of places, and their origins. [Ravenstonedale]
* Mardale - a lost Lakeland Community - an historical overview of the valley
* Over Shap by Track, Road and Rail – an exploration of the routes that passed over Shap Fell


Tel: 01768-864139
Brackenbank, Clifton, Penrith, CA10 2EA
Fee: £35 (or average fee payable to speakers by the group, whichever is lower)

* James LOWTHER, 1st Earl of Lonsdale (1736-1802).  Plutocrat.  Born Maulds Meaburn and a baronet aged 14, he inherited the vast Lowther estates in Cumberland, Westmorland and Yorkshire before he was 21 and eventually owned nine parliamentary seats. Commonly known as ‘Wicked Jimmy' for his merciless parsimony and tyrannical egotism.
* John METCALFE CARLETON (1753-1829). Entrepreneur.  The flamboyant old-Etonian builder of Brough's elegant Helbeck Hall and nearby cotton mill came from a middle-class broken home in York. Given to an extravagant lifestyle in London and spectacularly bankrupt at Brough in 1793, he decamped to opulent Richmond in Surrey and a grand inherited mansion where his long-suffering wife drowned herself in the garden pool.
*David WORKMAN (1797-1855) & William WORKMAN (1799-1876).  Pioneers of the American West. Born at Temple Sowerby, the brothers left Clifton in 1822 for Missouri and hired the young Kit Carson as an apprentice saddler. Westward at the head of settler parties and wagon trains, they faced everything from fire and flood to armed clashes with Indians and Mexicans to reach California, where rancher and banker William's huge property holdings included even Alcatraz Island and trader David's youngest son became a distinguished Mayor of Los Angeles.
* Henry BLOOM NOBLE (1816-1903).  Businessman. Born Clifton to a struggling tenant farmer who became a Whitehaven customs official, he went to the Isle of Man aged 19 and prospered as a ruthless merchant, property owner and banker who made a fortune but left it all to charity and became know as the island’s greatest benefactor.
* John NOBLE(1825-1861). Master Mariner. Son of a Penrith butcher, he moved to Whitehaven as a boy and was just 28 when he took command of the White Star sailing ship 'Tayleur', biggest English merchant vessel then afloat, which went down on its maiden voyage to Australia in 1854 with great loss of life, like the 'Titanic' 58 years later.  Captain Noble survived the disaster but drank himself to death in Liverpool aged 36.
* James Barker BLAND (1854-1942). Sheepfarmer.  Born Hegdale, Shap, thirteenth of 14 children of a tenant farmer, he crossed Lake District mountain passes with his wife and young family many times and earned a reputation as a self-taught polymath and humorous raconteur as well as for his expertise with his Herdwicks.
*Joseph  SCOTT (1867-1958). Lawyer. Born Penrith to a Presbyterian printer and an Irish Catholic mother. Educated at the Catholic seminary of Ushaw College, Durham, he emigrated to the USA in 1889 and became a celebrated LA lawyer whose many high-profile cases included a paternity suit for a Hollywood actress against Charlie Chaplin. He was also a civic leader in many fields and a supreme orator who nominated Herbert Hoover for the presidency of the United States in 1932. Know in his adopted city as 'Mr Los Angeles', his statue in bronze stands on LA's Grand Avenue alongside that of Abraham Lincoln.
*HISTORY OF THE POLICE IN CUMBRIA. Founded in 1857 under a chief constable who remained in office for 45 years, the county police force long relied on the uniformed beat man as its familiar public face. Joining in 1963, the speaker found the job to be much as it had been for over 100 years, until the 1970s brought personal radios, a lot more vehicles and specialised departments, staff diversity and computer systems before the disappearance of foot patrols and closure of stations and the eventual appointment of Police and Crime Commissioners.
*"IT'S A LONG WAY TO TIPPERARY". Thomas Michael DOLAN (1909-1974), like his father Edmund Michael, was a charismatic Wigton GP with quite a pedigree. An uncle had been an Army medic at Gallipoli who served in both World Wars and an African missionary uncle was decorated by the King of the Belgians. His grandfather was a hugely popular leader in Tipperary politicas and business amid the horror of the 1845-1849 Great Famine and the Uprising of 1848 - when he died aged 33 in mysterious circumstances far from home.


Tel (mob): 07908001424 or (land): 01900269027
Fee: £20 plus petrol costs (Mandy brings some of the cards she makes from her photographs to show to members and hopefully to sell some)
NB: May not be available June/July

* Close-up Cumbria - A look in close-up at some of the flora and fauna we have seen in Cumbria includes birds, insects, plants, fungi etc.
* Cumbria on the Edge - A journey up the coast from Silverdale to the Inner Solway showing some of the wildlife, plants and landscapes we have seen

TIPLADY, Dr Suzanne

Tel: 01229 860269
The Cragg, Satterthwaite, Ulverston, LA12 8LW
Fee: £35 - £45 depending on distance.

* Hawkshead's Child of Sorrow - William Wordsworth used the story of Benoni Rigge as inspiration for some of his early poetry.
* The Bobbin Mills at Force - details the processes involved in, and the rapid rise and fall of, an important 19th century Cumbrian industry
* 300 Years of Schooling in Satterthwaite and Rusland - explains how an isolated Cumbrian community educated its children.
* Sawrey Ground, Dixon Ground and the Baptist Chapel at Hawkshead Hill - follows the fortunes of the Baptist community at Hawkshead.
* A Mansion Fit For Demolition - the story of Grizedale Hall
* Words Worth Writing - the joys and pitfalls of researching, writing and self-publishing a detailed local history book [Levens]

TYLER, Mr Ian (local award winning author, historian and museum curator)

Tel: 01228 561883 (after 7pm)
33 Townhead Road, Cotehill, Carlisle CA4 0DF
Fee: Dependent upon distance travelled. No distance limit.
Will stand in at short notice should any society have a speaker problem, morning, afternoon or evening. Other talks available.

* Gunpowder industry in Cumbria
* Mines & minerals of Cumbria & their uses
* RAF in Cumbria, Galloway & North Lancashire
* Seathwaite Wad & the pencil industry of Keswick
* Honister Slate - simply the best in the world
* Goldscope Mine and 16th century German miners in Cumbria
* Mines of the Caldbeck Fells - the most complex mining area in Britain
* Greenside Mine, Ullswater - Cumbria's largest lead mine
* Gypsum in Cumbria and its uses
* Mines of the Pennines from Tindale to Kirkby Lonsdale
* Hodbarrow Iron
* Thirlmere and the drowning of the valley

WARDLE, Sue (Blue Badge Guide)

Tel (mob): 07980 647620 or (land): 016977 41683
Easby Farm, Easby, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2HA

* Informative and entertaining illustrated talks, corporate events, etc.

WHALAN, Mr Graham

Tel: (01207) 500563
The Stables, High Waskerley Farm, CONSETT DH8 9LJ

Fee: £40 (no travel expenses)

* 100 years of the Coronation Hall and social change in Ulverston
* Gilbert & Sullivan operettas in South Cumbria, and the rise of the amateurs
* The history of amateur musical theatre in the South Lakes from 1890 to the present day


Tel (mob): 07963 345956 or (land): 0345 193 0643
42 Smithy Close, Brindle, Chorley, Lancs. PR6 8NW
Fee: History groups & public institutions: £65; other groups (e.g. W.I., churches) £55. Also negotiated contribution to petrol cost by distance.
Prefers not to travel long distances in winter.

* 'Lakeland Lines' - railways in the Lake District, then & now: the closed lines to Coniston, Keswick and Lakeside, as well as the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway and the line to Windermere.
* 'Railway Walks' - walks along now disused railway lines in the Lake District, Lancashire, France, Italy and the WW1 battlefield of Passchendaele in Belgium.
* 'Rails to the Lancashire Coast' - a look back at journeys to resorts such as Blackpool and Morecambe in the hey-day of steam railways, plus to Fleetwood and Knott End, Glasson Dock (Lancaster) and Heysham.
* ‘A Mother’s tears’ - the First World War through different eyes via poignant stories, photographs and poetry; includes the tragic story of one family from Barrow-in-Furness.
* ‘Battlefields and Poppyfields” - looks at the many First and Second World War battlefields in Northern Europe, from Ypres, Verdun and the Somme to Dunkirk, Normandy, Bastogne and Arnhem.
* ‘First World battlefields - then & now’ - illustrated talk about the battlefields on The Western Front and Gallipoli in Turkey.
* ‘Oh! What a lovely war?' - the futility of WW1, the battles, the tactics, the technology, the personalities and the outcomes.
* ‘On the battlefields with the BBC’ - with BBC TV North West Tonight on trips to France and Belgium in 2006 and 2014; behind the scenes look, including video clips.
* "For you the War is over" - Lancashire PoWs in both wars including camps, conditions and treatment at the hands of the Germans, Turks
* ‘Death of a village - Oradour-sur-Glane, June 1944’ - The story of one French village totally obliterated by the German SS during the later stages of WW2.
* 'Normandy - more than just a battle' - covers the history and culture of the famous French region, including the D-Day Landings in June 1944.
* ‘Malta GC’ - the history of the Mediterranean Island awarded the George Cross in 1942.
* ‘Four tins' - covering a WW1 Christmas tin given to soldiers, a D-Day rations tin (WW2), a Coal Miners ‘Snap’ tin and a tin of Baked Beans; ideal but not just for schools, hands-on and illustrated throughout.
* ‘Italian reflections' - travelogue of visits to Rome, Naples, Venice, Sicily, Sardinia, Milan and the Italian Lakes over the years.
* 'Who do you think I am?' - tracing my family history back to London in the 16th century with connections to Barrow-in-Furness, Yorkshire and Kentucky in the USA.

WILSON, Mrs Janice (Blue Badge Guide)

Tel: 01524 761701
Fee: from £80

* The Wordsworths at home
* A Fox in the Fells - The Quakers in Cumbria [Lorton]
* Westmorland - An honourable history [Duddon]
* Rag Rugs - Demonstration of rag rugging
* Morecambe Bay - A maritime highway
* The Port of Westmorland
* Secrets of Sizergh
* Suffragettes in Cumbria

WILSON, Miss Susan

Tel: 01524 414641 Mobile: 07778 694411
11 Mount Avenue, Bare, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 6DJ
Fee: £50 (plus travel expenses, minimum £5)

* The Pendle Witches
* Dr Buck Ruxton (Murder in Lancaster)
* Notable People from Lancaster and a general history of the town
* North West Entertainers
* The Romanian Challenge Appeal – an Orphanage in Siret
* Eric Morecambe
* Comedy (history, including samples of comic verse)
* Comediennes (focusing on Victoria Wood)


WINSTANLEY, Dr Michael (Mike)

Tel: 015242 21277
Fee: depends on distance and includes all expenses and a £25 donation to charity

N.B.  These talks are offered to locations south  of (but including) Keswick / Penrith

Equipment needs: I can provide laptop and projector if required but need screen and stand.

Artists and Prints
* Lancashire AND/OR Cumbria Illustrated: early 19th century prints (including local examples)
* Thomas Allom (1804-1872): artist and architect
* Fake or Fortune’ revisited: the old master and Renaissance stained glass in Tunstall church

Markets and Shops
* Markets to Supermarkets: 200 years of shopping: North West’s distinctive developments (can be tailored to different parts of the region)

Lonsdale and the West Indies
* For Tortola: Quakers, (Lonsdale ) merchants and West Indies c.1750-1850. (This explores some of the remarkable trading, personal and religious connections between the Morecambe Bay area and the tiny, often neglected but important Caribbean Virgin Islands.)
* The Lune Valley and the West Indies: sugar, cotton and the slave economy

Lune Valley Studies
* The Fosters of Hornby Castle and Black Dyke Mills
* West Indian money and Rigmaden Hall: the strange case of John Satterthwaite’s will

Lancaster and Lancaster Castle (see also Lonsdale and the West Indies)
* Delinquents and Debtors : Lancaster Castle as 19th century prison
* ‘A somewhat noisy tavern and tea garden ?’ The debtors’ prison in Lancaster Castle

Historical Pageants
* Historical Pageants in the North West

Rural Society c1780-1920 (Lancashire and Cumbria).
The first four of these talks can be tailored to focus on Cumbria or Lancashire as required
* Feeding the Industrial Revolution c 1780-1850
* Landowners and farmers
* Work on the Land in the NW
* Enclosures and Commons
* Ireland: Potatoes, Famine and Emigration OR ‘The Great Hunger: 1845-51
* The Highland Clearances

Victorian and Edwardian Society in Cumbria:
* Charity, the Poor Law and Workhouse – when all else failed
* Muck, Medicine and Mortality: Health and Housing
* Happy Days? Educating the Masses
* Child Labour in the 19th century
* Outside the Law: crime and policing
* Roughs and Respectables: the pleasures and problems of leisure
**Getting Away from it all: seaside resorts and the Lakes

For full details of the individual talks, please access Talks currently offered to Cumbrian local societies, May 2019(2) 





End of Part I




Tel: (mob): 07815 777256
Fee: £250 (please note that these are full day tours, but not arduous; timings can be adjusted to suit train times etc.)

** Shanty towns and memorials of Ribblehead, Blea Moor and Chapel-le-Dale (circular route to and from Ribblehead Station)
** Lazonby to Langwathby (via Lacy's Caves, Long Meg and Her Daughters stone circle, Little Salkeld Mill)
** Garsdale to Kirkby Stephen (via Lady Anne Clifford’s Way and Pendragon Castle)

ALISON, Mr David

Tel & Fax: 01539 824666
1 Railway Terrace, Lowgill, Kendal, LA8 0BN
Fee: Prices are quoted specially for each group, according to starting point, destination, date of travel and size of party All these guided tours include a train ride, most behind steam

* The Settle-Carlisle Explorer
* Dales Gateway
* Ravenglass & Muncaster
* Lakeland Grandeur
* High Pennines
* Wonderful Wales
* Lancashire Heritage
* Wensleydale Wanderer
* Falkirk Wheel

BROOKS, Mr Graham

Tel: 07876 417695
Fairhurst, Aglionby, Carlisle, CA4 8AQ
Fee: £30 Plus travel expenses
NB: Not usually available Thursday evenings

* Lord Carlisle's railway: possible walks to look at the remains of the various railways and industries associated with it
* Tynehead: a guided walk to look at the mining remains in the valley
* Hartside: a walk to look at the various industries in the area (including limeworks, coal mines, lead/barytes mining, road development)
* Scordale: a walk up the valley to look at the lead mining area (Needs to be co ordinated with open days on the Warcop ranges)

DICKINSON, Mr Steve (chairman, Ambleside Civic Trust)

Tel (mob): 07342 965238
12 Stockghyll Court, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 0QX
Fee: Travel expenses and donation to Ambleside Civic Trust (Reg. Charity No. 503092)
NB: Not available 24.08.18 – 10.09.18

** From the Romans to Bridge House: the discovery of Ambleside (from Galava Roman Fort to the heart of a Lake District market town. About 1 kilometre, level except for a short road ascent at the end; 90 minutes, 2,000 years of history)


Tel: 01524 781613 2
Station Lane, Burton-in-Kendal, Carnforth, LA6 1HT
Fee: £20 Historical walks, available April to September; up to 20 people per group.
(Meals / refreshments for groups available by arrangement at the King's Arms Hotel in Burton; ring Neil or Ann France, 01524 781409)

* Burton and Clawthorpe – by four nature reserves (5 miles, 3 hours)
* Burton in Kendal village (1 mile, 1-2 hours) also available as 2 half-mile (1 hour each) walks:
* Burton South (inc. the Square) &
* Burton North (inc. the Church) * Burton and Dalton – stone circle to peat bog (4 miles, 2½ hours)
* Burton and Dalton – lost village and parkland (5 miles, 3 hours)
* Burton and Yealand Redmayne – hanging hill to mossland (4 miles, 2½ hours)

HOWORTH, Mr Billy F K (Qualified archaeologist and lecturer)

Tel (mob): 07930889135 or (land): 01524 561712
Acropolis Education, 6 Greenholme Avenue, Westgate, Morecambe, LA4 4TR
A complete list of my services and prices is available on my website

PEGG, Mr Geoff

Tel: 01524 781184
4 Queen's Terrace, North Road, Holme, Carnforth, LA6 1QB
Fee: Negotiable

* Holme Village- two-hour guided history walk * Holme Mills- two-hour guided history walk from Holme, along the canal, to Holme Mills

ROBERTSON, Mr Alastair

Tel: 01434 381769
Ashleigh House, Nenthead Road, Alston, CA9 3SN
Fee: £1 per person, minimum £20

** Alston
** Nenthead
** Epiacum/Whitley Castle Roman fort


Tel: 01931 716386
Gale View, Main Street, Shap, Nr Penrith, CA10 3NH
Fee: £30 payable to Shap LHS; or reciprocal arrangement for Shap to visit another History group

* Haweswater (Summer evenings) using vehicles, stopping at designated points to describe the views prior to flooding; led by two Shap LHS officers.
* Shap / Shap Abbey (May - September) Why not make a day of it - Abbey and or Keld in morning and village in afternoon? Distance tailored to suit walking abilities of group; always ends with refreshments at Shap Heritage Centre.
* Shap Stones and Ancient Sites - a walk along what remains of the Shap Stones complex (distance about two and a half miles, time about 2 hours; fairly level, but stiles to negotiate)


Castle Street, Carlisle, CA3 8TP Galleries can be opened out of normal hours for groups.

TYLER Mr Ian (local award winning author, historian and museum curator)

Tel: 01228 561883 (after 7pm)
33 Townhead Road, Cotehill, Carlisle CA4 0DF
Fee: By arrangement Guided tours of various mining sites- please enquire

WARDLE, Sue (Blue Badge Guide)

Tel (mob): 07980 647620 or (land): 016977 41683
Easby Farm, Easby, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2HA

** Informative and entertaining town and country walks, coach tours, site visits and interpretation, special interest groups, corporate events, study tours, illustrated talks.


Tel: 01946 506420
Cumbria Archive & Local Studies Centre, Whitehaven Scotch Street, Whitehaven, CA28 7NL
Fee: £30 Hosted Group Visits to Archive Centre with introductions to research, sources and selected historical documents

WILSON Mrs Janice (Blue Badge Guide)

Tel: 01524 761701
Fee: Full Day £280.00, Half Day £150 (prices correct for 2017)

* Town Heritage walks throughout Cumbria
* Villages Revealed walks in Cumbria
* Historical and Heritage Coach Tours
** Discover Your Heritage (price on application)
** Bespoke tours a speciality

End of Part II



CRAGHILL Mrs Christine

Tel (mob): 07449 147217 or (land): 01931 712939
4 Coopers Close, Askham, Penrith, CA10 2PN
Fee: Initial search charge £30, thereafter £12 an hour

* Any type of historical research undertaken in the North Lakes, Eden Valley & Western Anglo/Scottish border region.


Tel: 01228 532774
Cumbria's Museum of Military Life Alma Block, The Castle, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8URR
Online form in About Us: Research Enquiries section of website (searches are not often possible if you cannot supply a soldier's regimental number)

ROWNTREE, Mr Charles A.

Tel: 01229 889373
Old Mill, Beckside, Kirkby in Furness, LA17 7TH
Fee: By personal application

* Specialises in watermill history and Kirkby in Furness

TIPLADY, Dr Suzanne

Tel: 01229 860269
The Cragg, Satterthwaite, Ulverston, LA12 8LW
Fee: By personal application

* Local History on Hawkshead, Satterthwaite, and Cartmel areas For research in Cumbria Archive Centres, see also:

End of Part III