Levens in the Shadow of the Great War

Since its foundation in June 2006, the Levens Local History Group (a member group of the CLHF) has published, as a group or as individuals, a number of books and papers, including, most recently, with the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Levens in the Shadow of the Great War. Besides providing brief biographies, accompanied by photographs, of those who were killed and those who survived, the book importantly describes how village life was affected by and adjusted to wartime conditions. Chapters include those on ‘Levens and the Navy’, ‘Levens Women’s Institute’, ‘Votes for Women’, and ‘Levens School’, besides those on the Levens war memorial and roll of honour. A digital copy of the book is freely available for anyone to download for personal use per the Group’s website. As the book acknowledges, a book of this nature is a community enterprise that draws widely on the goodwill and knowledge of those living within the parish of Levens and beyond. Many groups and individuals contributed their time, knowledge and expertise, ensuring the initial success of a highly popular village exhibition relating to the Great War out of which the book has emerged.  The book should deservedly  have a wide interest well beyond Levens and area.