Dr Ron Davie

Dr Davie died at the Cumberland Infirmary on 31st December 2019 after a short illness. He had celebrated his 90th birthday only a month earlier.

Ron had a distinguished career as a child psychologist before retiring (from full-time work at least) to Caldbeck in 1995. From the start he and his wife Kathleen took on leading roles in the Caldbeck & District Local History Society and were also active in many other local societies and events. As President of the Society, Ron organised and often chaired monthly meetings at which invited speakers gave talks on local history issues. Ron may be best known among local historians for the collection of oral histories which he brought together for the Caldbeck & District Local History Society as ‘Memories of Lakeland – Life and Work in the Caldbeck Area, 1914-2000’.

Ron also organised publication of a manuscript written by Richard Greenup, from a local farming family- ‘A Walk Round the Village of Caldbeck, Cumberland on the First Morning of the Twentieth Century.’ This described a walk taken on 1st January 1901 reviewing the state of the village and its links with wider historical events. The Society also produced a leaflet describing the walk for visitors with a map of the route to follow.

Another successful project led by Ron Davie was the 2011 ‘Grand Local Heritage Exhibition’, held in the Parish Hall, Caldbeck   All local organisations, societies and small businesses were invited to take part and they were asked to set up a stall celebrating their history. Twenty nine groups took part, bringing the village together in a unique way.

Ron was ambitious for the Society but personally a very kind man, always encouraging others to step forward. He will be greatly missed, especially in Caldbeck where he was a well-known and admired figure who remained active almost to his last days.