Kendal Archives – Update

Kendal Archives have changed their arrangements!   They will now take bookings for a table space by 4pm the day before but you no longer need to pre-order documents (unless they are in storage elsewhere).   They say:

We will open for three days a week from Wednesday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm.. We will remain open over lunchtime subject to staff availability. If we have to close for lunch, closures will be between 12.30-1.30pm and a notice will be posted on our website and in the searchroom before 9.30am on the day of the closure.  

Do note however, that car parking is currently limited to a few places only due to resurfacing work which will continue until next April.  Also, the archives will be closed for an hour over lunch on December 11th.

See here and here for  more details….